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Consiglia Tranquillo

Ciao! I’m Consiglia, which is a rare name even in Italy – so no worries about misspelling.

I’m a Visual Designer currently based in San Francisco and my specialty is blending creativity and strategic thinking to sculpt distinctive brand identities, and cultivating meaningful connections in the digital realm.


What I do


Content Creation

Content creation is my canvas, where every video is made and every word is carefully chosen to tell a powerful story. 

Kitu Night Cream


With a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to the design process, I ensure that your packaging not only captures attention but also communicates brand identity effectively


Brand Identity

Thriving  on generating fresh ideas and concepts that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand

museum process book_10_edited_edited.jpg

Web Design (UI)

Designing seamless user interfaces where aesthetics harmonize with functionality. I specialize in creating intuitive experiences that leave a lasting impression

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